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How to Get Spotify Premium For FREE
What is Spotify Premium?
Get Spotify Premium for free for thirty Days
Get Spotify Premium at no cost using Spotify Cards?
Login to Spotify account:
How to Get Spotify Premium For FREE

Get Spotify Premium For FREE: You are at the proper place, as here we’ll guide you concerning where to get Spotify Premium app that provides you with all the premium options without charge
What is Spotify Premium?
So in this post, we’ll offer you some strategies to get Spotify premium Free. Spotify Premium commonly permits you to get unlimited listen to music in extreme quality, skips, no ads.

You can download Spotify Premium Apk or download Spotify App from Google Play Store to get Spotify Premium without charge.

There are some ways you’ll get Spotify premium free on android or ios, we’ll explain here the accessible ways you’ll be able to use.

How to Get Spotify Premium for free of charge

Get Spotify Premium for free for thirty Days
Go for the official web site Spotify.com in your browser.
You will get the option on the upper right side of the webpage click “Premium”.
You have noticed the thirty Day Free Trial is advertised on this option then you have got to Click “Try Premium.”
Log in with your old Spotify Account. If you don’t have any Spotify account, click “Sign up” at the bottom of the sign in the window, and come back once you’ve created an account.
Then Click on “Premium” option.

Choose your payment methods and enter your postal code. You’ll be redirected to a screen to fill up your credit card or PayPal info.
Once you create your payment of zero bucks, you’ll be taken to your receipt, and you’re able to begin checking out Spotify Premium.
You will be charged nothing, however, you’re technically signed to Spotify Premium. Your subscription can automatically renew during a month at that point you’ll be charged $9.99.

If you are not interested in auto-renewal, you can cancel your subscription right away once subscribing and still get your thirty days of free Premium.

Get Spotify Premium at no cost using Spotify Cards?
You can get Spotify Premium for free using Point Prizes. Point prizes offer several simple ways to get Spotify premium at no cost by finishing some tasks and referring your friends. Below we’ll have a look at these ways.

1) Click here to go to PointPrizes web site

2) Enter your Email Address and Create New Account

3) You have to Verify your Email Address and finishing tasks on pointprize.com earns you points which might be listed certain Builders Club Memberships, Free Robux, Gift Cards, PSN Codes, and Steam Wallet Codes.

4) Once you have enough point you’ll redeem it without charge Spotify Cards which might be won’t to get Spotify premium for free.

Installation of modified Spotify android APK
To get Spotify premium options for free; initial, you need to download the ‘.apk’ the file of a modified version of Spotify from Google. You’ll not get that version on Google Play and you ought to shift your security settings and permit downloading from unknown sources. download the compatible file in keeping with your android version, “from here” once downloading you need to install the application however before installing the modified version confirm that the older version or the other version of Spotify is uninstalled from your device. And install the application. You’ll switch the settings back and defend your device from unknown bad apps.
Login to Spotify account:
Don’t log in right once the installation of the app, follow the subsequent procedure to proceed. Spotify has developed its app for detecting whether users are using the modified version of Spotify or official application. If they realize users guilty, they reserve all rights to block or terminate your account.

Before signing in browse or search ‘Browsec – free VPN app’ on Google Play Store and install it in your device.
Currently, open the app and alter the location of your device to either Singapore or USA and begin the VPN by switch the toggle button.
Once the VPN connection starts to leave the app running and begin Spotify. Then log in to your existing Spotify account or if you don’t have one you’ll check-in and create one.
Enter all the specified credentials, login and enjoy streaming your favorite music without any drawback. And you’ll turn off the VPN once logging in.
By following the above methodology you’ll get the good thing about the majority the premium options of Spotify for free. It might be potential that few options might not support however you’ll undoubtedly get high-quality sound, unlimited skipping option, repeat mode, and many more.
Don’t forget to cancel the subscription before trial end date; otherwise, you will be charged for the monthly subscription.